Branded Czech alcoholic liquor. Once considered medicine by many; some still do. Tastes like Christmas (i.e. there's cinnamon and stuff inside). Blows your brain away and leaves you with a hell of a headache.

Created by alchemist Josef Becher in 1807, this herbal digestif/aperitif truly consoles the stomach and soul. The bouquet liberated with your breath after initial consumption is a smooth delight to the senses. Mawa says it tastes like Christmas/cinnamon - this could be, but the herbal blend is a secret recipe, known only to two individuals. The only known ingredients are Carlsbad water, alcohol (38%), and natural sweetener.

Brewed in Karlovy Vary, Karlovarska Becherovka has changed little over the years. The Becher family ran operations from 1807 until 1945, when it became a state institution. It remained in the power of the state until 1997 when it was turned back over to Jan Becher and Pernod-Ricard. Becherovka is a part of Czech culture, and especially Karlovy Vary. It is said that the town gives Becherovka its flavor. They even tested the theory by brewing it somewhere else and administering a taste test. Results -Becherovka must be brewed in Karlovy Vary to maintain its distinct flavor. Though herbs throughout the years inevitably vary in taste, directly affecting the drink they flavor. No two batches are said to taste exactly alike.

The herbal ingredients are said to possess medicinal qualities to assist the stomach with digestion. No doubt stomachs need all the help they can get breaking down Czech food. It is also mixed with seltzer to make a drink called a Beton. Becherovka is indeed a delicious drink and a substitute for Absinthe while partying in Prague, but as with any alcohol use caution, it does sneak up on you and makes you a bit "randy" as they say.

Becherovka also sponsors the Karlovy Vary hockey team.

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