Amarula Cream is a South African cream liquer made from the fruit of the marula tree. The marula fruit is fermented and then distilled in copper pot-stills. The marula liquor is then stored on small oak casks for two years before it is enriched with pure marula extract and blended with fresh cream. Very nice with milk and/or crushed ice. I've kinda lost the taste for it after a night's session with litchi-flavoured tequila, inferno sambuca, and this stuff.

The story is that you can watch elephants staggering across the veldt, having eaten some of the fermenting fruit lying beneath the Marula tree.

Once those fruits are blended with cream they make Amarula: a heavenly juice, suitable for pouring over a single ice cube on a sweltering summer's eve or layering with peppermint liqueur to make a Springbok - the gold and green of which is oh-so-good when your team (of the same name) has just beaten Australia at the rugby.

It's not impossible to make Amarula taste bad; merely very, very difficult.

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