Modest Mouse is a band formerly on Up Records (signed to Epic late 1999) out of the Seattle area. They are Isaac Brock (guitar, vocals), Eric Judy (bass), and Jeremiah Green (drums).
I'm terrible with music classification so hopefully someone else will characterize their sound for me. They're very, very indie rock. similar bands are Sunny Day Real Estate, the Archers of Loaf, and Built to Spill.

They're quite the prolific group - in 4 years they've released countless 7"s on labels like Up, K, Suicide Squeeze and Sub Pop, as well as 3 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and a rarities/b-sides compilation.

Discography up to 2000:

This Is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing to Think About - 1996, Up
The Lonesome Crowded West - 1997, Up
Building Nothing Out of Something - 2000, Up
The Moon and Antarctica - 2000, Epic
Sad Sappy Sucker - 2001, K

Interstate 8* - 1996, Up
The Fruit That Ate Itself* - 1997, K
Whenever You See Fit (Split EP with 764-HERO) - 1998, Up

Vinyl Singles:
Blue Cadet-3, do you connect? 7"- 1994, K
Broke 7"- 1996, Sub Pop
Life of Arctic Sounds 7"- 1997, Suicide Squeeze
Birds vs. Worms* 7"- 1997, Hit or Miss
Other People's Lives 7"- 1998, Up
Night on the Sun 12"- 2000, Up

12" EP's:
Night on the Sun (Japanese Tour EP)* - 1999, Rebel Beat Factory

*Out of print