One of the most horrible, random, disgusting things that has ever happened to me. Lets start with the some details. I had a cold for a week or so and had taken some sudafed to try to clear up my nasty leaky nostrils, and it dried out one of my nostrils but the other was just stuffed full-o-snot, i was blowing my nose every like 5 minutes, and after blowing my nose exceptionally hard, i felt a strange feeling in my nose, i moved my hand up and found a single drop of blood coming out of my nose. i leaned my head back for about 10 seconds, then it happened. i felt it building, a sneeze from hell, the pressure was so bad i couldnt help but close one of my eyes and make all sorts of odd facial expressions which mimicked a retard having an orgasm. i tried as long as i could to hold it in, or to supress it, but it was no use. The force was unimaginable. As the sneeze was coming out i tried to cover my nose and mouth, but after the sneeze i looked down at my hands and shirt and found myself covered in disgusting amounts of green phlegm mixed with blood. I looked like i had been to a gwar concert. it had hit with so much force that it just spread everywhere on me. It was all over my hands and then down onto my shirt, still staying as one whole amorphous mass, connected from each finger, to the shirt, to the other hand. And my nose kept dripping blood onto my shirt for a few seconds after. It was bloody. i did not know this much matter could pass through the nostrils in that short a period of time. Seconds after this happened my friend dave walks in and sees me in the same position i was in when i sneezed, i hadnt even moved. He was in awe, and thought my brains had come out my nose. it took me a few minutes to clean myself up and i threw the shirt away. That sucked ass.

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