Homeopathic cure for a chest cold

Dictionary.com says ho·me·op·a·thy (hm-p-th)
n. pl. ho·me·op·a·thies
A system for treating disease based on the administration of minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease itself.

DISCLAIMER: The following is a method I have used sucessfully to treat persistant chest colds, especially those with a DRY cough. HOWEVER, it involves the use of tobacco, so I make no claims that this is safe. IOW, if bad stuff happens because you read this, don't blame me.

I was in college my sophmore year, and had a persistant bronchial cold during late February. My friend SpiritWalker and I were discussing alternative medicine, and the subject of homeopathy came up. I was willing to try almost anything after having had the cold almost two weeks. (Being too broke to go to the doctor didn't help, and attending the student health center is akin to a death wish.) I decided to try cigarettes as a treatment. After consulting some of my chimney friends since I was not then a smoker, I decided to use menthols in the hope that the menthol would sooth my throat and chest.

I purchased a pack, lit up and took a drag. The coughing fit that erupted was almost fatal. As a non-smoker, I should have taken a smaller inhale. After I eased up on the inhales, the coughing abated, and the menthol began to work it's magic. My chest opened up, and my head cleared some. (I also caught a HELL of a buzz). The menthol wore off about 30 minutes later, and back to my dry cough I went. The next morning however was another story. I awoke with an extremely congested head and chest, and before I got into the shower, I blew my nose. Previous mornings when I attempted this I was not able to remove anything. This morning was a different story. Sparing the details, I made progress. Once in the shower I began to cough again, and this time was able to to expectorate a frightening amount of phlegm. (Sorry folks, but that's the nicest way I know to describe what happened.) I HAD NOT been able to do this for the previous two weeks. By the end of the day, I felt almost well, and two days later I was well. I have used this cure a couple of other times with the same results. Unfortunately, it's only available to non-smokers. (Smokers could probably just quit and get the same effect, but I'm not sure...it might take longer.)

I ASSUME it works by causing the phlegm in the lungs congel and stimulates the bronchial villi to start sweeping up. Regardless, it's a treatment that works for me. I hope it works as well for anyone else who tries it.

Palmaraz and kaatunut have questioned the reference to homeopathic style medicine. Tobacco in large amounts WILL cause a chronic cough. According to the definition given in the node I feel this title is appropriate, IMHO. While I make no reference to a dilution strength as is common to most homeopathic remedies, I can say that ONE cigarette, is far less than the usual amount of tobacco use required to cause a chronic cough.

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