I dreamt a few weeks into the future. Apparently I had just arrived back from a visit to a distant and terrible place and I was having dinner at a restaurant similar to the Ajax's in Oxford, MS. There was an urgent message about the world in general I had to tell everyone, but all my friends were ignoring me to watch Green Acres. They just stared and laughed, so I ate my mashed potatoes.

Then I suddenly realized we were seated next to this back room, which I had assumed was the kitchen, but in reality it was a holding cell for the police. The police kindly let their prisoner come and eat with us while they watched him from the door. So, Henry Rollins sat at our table and stoically ate his food. We were trying to cheer him up since he seemed upset (not incredibly crazy angry, just upset) that he was being held by the police. He was also having mashed potatoes.

The only thing he laughed at was when my friend said "Oh! This must be the WHEEL of Fortune!"