In this dream, as the title says, I was a teenage girl ninja. After several exciting missions (details unfortunately forgotten), I was completely exhausted. Thankfully it was Ninja Spring Break, so I was able to go home.

Once I was back home, things were fine at first. Unfortunately, I found out that my dad wasn't really my dad, but a spy planted in my house to kill me. He made several clever attempts to kill me (all forgotten), none of which succeeded.

It was at a family dinner that I decided to make my escape from the house. Near the dining area was a glass door, and beyond the glass door was a strong metal door which periodically opened and closed. I memorized the pattern of opening and closing, and at the right moment threw a ninja star at the glass door. It shattered, and I ran through. As I ran towards the metal door it opened, and immediately after I went through the door it closed, protecting me for a few seconds from the imposter father close behind.

I ran to the attic and up onto the rooftop. I heard somebody climbing the stairs, so I jumped from rooftop to rooftop to make my escape. I heard the imposter father jumping from rooftop to rooftop as well, so I quickened my pace. As I was jumping, I thought about how extraordinary the events happening to me were, and wondered about selling the movie rights to them. It was while I was thinking about this that I came up with a potential title for the movie, "I was a teenage girl ninja."

After much rooftop-jumping, I found that the line of conveniently placed houses ended at a tropical beach. I ran along beach to escape, and saw a large facility mounted on bamboo stilts overgrown with jungle vines. Near the facility was a sign which said, "University Labs." I decided this would be a good place to hide, and ninja-hopped towards it.

When I got to the labs-on-stilts my ninja senses told me that something wasn't right about the place. I headed in anyways, hoping that whatever unsettling presence was triggering my ninja senses would keep my pursuer off my tail. I saw a hut labeled "Physics Lab," and entered hoping to find some sort of hi-tech weapon, like the gauss gun or gluon gun from Half-Life. After some searching, I found nothing of value inside.

The next hut I found was labeled "Future Technologies." This seemed quite intriguing, so I went in. Inside I found a main lobby with a raised 5' tall platform around the edges, accessible by a set of stairs. It was almost completely dark inside, but being a ninja, I really didn't mind. After some exploring of the lobby, I heard a rustling sound. I turned towards it and saw a zombie which looked much like one from Resident Evil, but with a nasty worm sticking out of its head, like an annelid from System Shock 2.

The zombie went behind a pillar, but when it came back out I fired at it with a gun I had ready. I attempted to get a headshot, but for some reason my aim was terrible. I eventually killed it after several shots, but shortly afterwards several more zombies popped up. I decided this would be an opportune time to make my egress, and bolted out the door. The view remained in the room, however, and showed a woman in red leather bondage gear with short-cropped straight black hair. She calmly watched the zombies mull about, and the scene changed.

In the next scene I was in a meeting room with a large circular table in the middle. Seated along the table were several people in bondage gear, including the lady in red mentioned before. They explained to me that the labs-on-stilts was actually their BDSM resort. They had assumed before that the zombies were merely overly kinky guests, but that they eventually came to realize that this wasn't the case. They asked me to assist them in exterminating the zombie presence, and the dream ended.

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