Cold splinters pushing through my head, no one is dead - the war is a hoax - created by the Americans to sell to the world in a shiny DVD special edition box set due for release in 3 months time - the images on the tv are fake - made by a film crew out in Nevada using the best special effects available - Tom Hanks is called for the lead role - just like the moon landing - created in Hollywood behind closed doors - cheers from the Iraqi's seems genuine - they are happy as nothing really is happening there - just getting on with their daily lives - waiting for the release of the film to come out - VHS, DVD, a book, the t-shirt - I will have them all...

Will it be a best seller? Will it top the charts? Will it gain number one spot? Win an Oscar or two? Will it be repeated twenty four already has...

In my dream, I was just watching, it was like watching a movie, but being really close, like on the set. It was a thick, dense forest, and the sun was shining through the trees. There was an army of men, in something similar turn of the century English riding outfits...very proper, gathered in the trees.

Suddenly, a woman appeared, a huge, tall woman, naked, a knife strapped to her thigh with leather, a bow across her chest and a quiver of arrows. Never saw her face. She was beautiful though. Her body was muscular, athletic. I'm still not sure if she was GIGANTIC, or if the men were miniatures, like Gulliver's Travels or something.

Anyway, The woman was walking very slowly through the forest, when this equally large, reptilian looking sort of demon or something walked up beside her. He put three of his slimy fingers on the small of her back and held them there as they walked. He had yellow fingernails. And when he drew his fingers away, there were holes in her back where his fingertips had been. And they began to pus or something yellowish, like fat...but she didn't react, she kept walking. And then the 'camera' angle went to between her legs and the same seeping pus and also blood and urine and everything was just pouring out of her, but she didn't stop, she just kept walking through the forest and everyone watched her go by.

And then the demon disappeared.

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