Track On Origin Of Symmetry

New Born
Album starts slowly with a massive build up of classical music creating a false sence of security leading to an immense heavy guitar solo that Matt Bellamy does so well. Undoubtably one of the best hits Muse have produced.

Combination of heavy and soft track that highlights Bellamy's singing ability. One of the more lyrics focused tracks that was lead to a single release. Works as a complete contrast to the fury of New Born.

Space Dementia
Another song that starts classical with noticable keyboard before introducing the lead guitar that gives the song a balance between heavy and soft. Vocals show the capability of Bellamy's voice.

Hyper Music
Track starts with lead guitar solo but develops into a more bass focused song. Quite lyrics focused but also highlights the drum and bass elements to the band.

Plug In Baby
Easily the best single Muse have ever produced. Starts with an amazing guitar solo from Bellamy but also has the right mix of vocals which allows him to excel. The track also combines the excellent drumming ability of Dominic Howard.

Citizen Erased
The track starts with heavy guitaring and is combined with typically strong vocals, the song slows down with the vocals as the track progresses building up to more heavy guitar playing towards the end. The track has more of an electric feel and shows Muse at their heavy rock side and more emotional side.

Was apparently based on a dream that Matt had where he was in the desert with blades raining down on him. The track combines a build up of guitars with screaming vocals leading to another excellent guitar solo from Bellamy at the end of the track. Not a vocals centered track, more of a showcase of the bands musical ability.

Probably one of the weaker songs on the album. Lacks any heavy element or strong lyrics and doesn't really use the bands ability to any decent effect but adds to the mood of the album.

Track mixes a good base of strong lyrics with a heavy chorus that was released as a double A-Side with Feeling Good.

Feeling Good
Re-make of a song previously released by Nina Simone. Gives the song a much heavier feel and was released as a single due to a good lyrics base with a heavy metal side to it.

A song with soft vocals that lead to a heavy part (like most of the album) then calms down to a softer part before building up to a heavy ending to the album.