Invisible People by Robb Johnson was released in 1997 by Irregular Records. It received rave reviews, but was actually not as good as many of his other albums. None of the songs are bad, per se, but some, like Me and the Working Man, are mediocre. It's also more whimsical than most and, as he excels at political vitriol, this can be a bad thing. Although he does also excel at whimsy. Hancock in Australia is heartbreaking, In Buttercup Class we Smile is realistic, and beautiful, while Anarchy in Hackney betrays the dude's punk roots (those "ooh" baks in the middle of tracks? Pure Clash.) Track listing:

It seems to me that every city has a invisible people. They are also known as the homeless or the destitute. Some people can see them and yet fewer are able to interact with them. To me it seems that most people cannot see them. To my shame I am often blinded and rendered incapable of seeing them too.

Some countries have entire populatinos of invsible people. Chile under General Augusto Pinoche had soldiers who were specialy trained at making people invisible. The Chinese regeme can make you invisible if you think the wrong thing or say say something they don't like, or help someone say something they don't like. The Russian politburo used to make lot's of people invisible until capitilisim made them invisible !

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