When I first introduced my mom to the computer, that was in 1994 or '95 I think, and she had trouble just playing Solitaire on Windows 95 which had just came out. It was depressing. I was only ten years old, and she would call me at a friends house to come home and help her turn on "this dag-blasted contraption."

Last summer I introduced her to the whole concept of the internet. Unsurprisingly, it took her by storm. She spent most of her time using Ask Jeeves to visit craft sites while I sat on the couch reading everyone's favorite Stephen Hawking book. One day, I was busy with my nose buried in a book, when I heard a gasp. My mom turned to me and said, "Aimee! There's a huge error!" It turns out that she had seen one of those Ask Jeeves banner ads that looks like a Windows error pop-up. The humor of it all was that the message said, "Warning! Your computer is too boring!" She took this seriously and didn't understand why I thought this was so funny.