A cool computer from the 80's. It eventually supported color but was initially monochrome. It was called a Trash 80 by those who had Apple II's, Commodore PET's and other dino computers.

(sniff!) My first computer. Aged 12, it was the shining beacon in my early life. Mum and Dad matched my savings dollar-for-dollar (or so I thought at the time) and off we trundled to the local Tandy store to pick up the first model on the Australian market. 4Kb RAM, compact-cassette interface for loading programs. Dartmouth BASIC. Oh the joy of that first program! 10 PRINT Hello World; 20 GOTO 10. Decades later, I still can't quite believe that I disposed of that beautiful artifact through The Trading Post in favour of a stupid Korg MonoPoly synthesiser. How much exactly did The Human League change society? Not very damn much.

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