A very old computer made by Radio Shack circa 1980. Without an expansion interface, it had a maximum of 16K RAM. Interestingly, it has a Z-80 processor, just like my TI-85 Calculator. Monochrome display, no real graphics capabilities. But it did have some funky block drawing characters in the extended portion of the character set.

A version of BASIC was included in the ROM. There were actually two versions. Level I Basic had only 26 variables, two string variables (A$ and B$), and one array. It only generated 3 error messages: WHAT?, HOW?, and SORRY. Level II Basic has many more features, including the ability to save to a cassette tape and more cryptic error messages. In fact, the machine didn't even support disk drives without the expansion interface (which also let you get up to a whopping 64K RAM!).

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