An awesome program from former Claris Inc. that was 5 applications in 1. It was also very small and used memory efficiently (unlike Photoshop or various other programs that ClarisWorks can do). I wish there were more applications programmed to the efficiency of ClarisWorks. ClarisWorks has recently been changed to AppleWorks. Apple has slowed down AppleWorks and made it less memory efficient. I really wish people wouldn't tamper with a good thing.

ClarisWorks is an now-apple office suite, consisting of word processor, simple (but really awesome) database application, spreadsheet, presentation manager and graphics program.

Now being called AppleWorks, is a light version of MS Office. However, it is not meant to replace MS Office, instead just deliver light and packed with most used features office suite. Bundled with every new Macintosh computer.

Before ClarisWorks, in the days of Apple II, this wonderful office suite was called... AppleWorks for the first time.

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