Watching QVC can be a good experience if you are in need of some laughter. My broadcasting/journalism teacher once brought in a video of things he had recorded off of television the night before to show us the different levels of intelligence in programming. A snap of QVC was on this video. Two women were selling a dress, and I picked up some strange dialogue. I share:

QVC woman #1: Now this is a nice dress! *puts the dress up to her face* so soft, so silky . so ohhhh! (orgasmic moan)
QVC woman #2: I know, it just wraps you into it and makes you feel so enveloped so passionate, so free so naked!
QVC woman #1: Slinky!
QVC woman #2: (looking confused) What?
QVC woman #1: It reminds me of a slinky.. makes you feel so.. so.. so.. springy!

That's all I can seem to remember. I never really understood how that was supposed to sell the dress, or why no one else in the class even stifled a giggle, but I thank my teacher for sharing it with me. For if he didn't, I wouldn't know the truth about QVC.