PRECIOUS MOMENTS®: cute-looking porcelain bisque figurines manufactured by Enesco based on drawings of teardrop-eyed not-quite-SD children by Samuel Butcher (no relation), which in turn draw from the work of H. G. Wells and Margaret Keane.

Before they were figurines, the PM characters appeared in the Jonathan and David line of greeting cards. (I plan to write a full history of the PM brand later.)

Find out more about the Precious Moments Chapel at PreciousMoments.com, or just read Bringdown's (unofficial) online tour at http://www.bringdown.com/issue3/precious/precious.html

Get PM figurines, greeting cards, and other merchandise at your local Hallmark store or at PreciousMoments.com.

Other than a couple bad pornographic X-Files stories (such as http://ditb.net/basement/library/authorm/mistycornf-preciousmo0637-01.htm), there isn't a PM fanfic scene to my knowledge. Join Barely Legal if you want to contribute.


PM figurines typically list for US$30-$50, in contrast to Hummel figurines that may list for three times more. Peculiarly, I find PM figurines three times cuter than Hummel figurines. "Three times as cute for one-third the price!"

As would be expected, The Filthy Critic hates the figurines (http://www.bigempire.com/filthy/stuartlittle.html), but that's a given; according to the Quick Links on Slashdot, The Filthy Critic hates Everything too. Some people have likened the appearance of PM figurines to that of aborted fetuses (http://www.fortunecity.com/tattooine/leiber/50/dgdolls.htm). Fundamentalists think the whole atmosphere about them creates a cult of sentimentality and almost idol worship (http://www.alliancenet.org/pub/mr/mr97/1997.01.JanFeb/mr9701.msh.precious.html), while moderates naturally have a more moderate opinion about their influence on society (http://www.geocities.com/rpdigest/01981.htm). For more PM hating, go to Google.com and enter as your search terms precious moments $random_swear_word.

Some call me homosexual for liking such saccharine things, comparing them to Barbie products. Some even call me a pedophile: "PM figurines look like little boys. You like to look at PM figurines. Therefore, you like to look at things that look like little boys. By extension, you probably like to look at little boys... Are you in NAMBLA?" I frankly don't give two about the opinions of those who base their opinion of me on logical fallacy.


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