My dad is on a game show of some sort with eight other contestants competing for a trip to France. The title of the episode was "Give Me France or Give Me Death." Incidentally, if you didn't win, you were gassed to death.

My dad didn't really communicate with me so I didn't know whether I was in his will or not and my concerns were with my money for college.

I had about eight siblings and each one got a present from my dad before he left. They looked like the kids on The Cosby Show One girl got a needlepoint kit and a boy got a hockey stick. Before I could get my present, I realized I had to go to pick Ben up for school.

So I run out the door and get into the car. I arrive at his house (not like his house at all) and he is standing in the driveway with his lip trembling. My eyes veer over to his yard and I see several articles of junk thrown across the yard. He climbs into the car and I ask him what's wrong. He doesn't want to tell me. I look over at him and I notice he is holding a bottle of Ritalin but I assume this is something new about him that he has just not told me yet and let it go.

He urges me not to go to school, so we instead drive down to a junkyard. As we are approaching the junkyard, I get a bad feeling and decide we should turn around. When I return to his house, I have the feeling that his parents are in the yard waiting for us--and they're angry. I get out of the car and there they are standing, yelling at me and blaming me for the mess in the front yard. I look to Ben for help but he is getting out his Ritalin bottle and swallowing about 15 pills. His body is shaking all over. He is nervous. He is silent.

We get back into the car and we drive to the television studio where my dad is going to be filmed. When I walk inside, I find two men dragging an attractive 30-something male in a gas mask through double doors. I try to warn my dad, but I can't find him anywhere. The show is starting. We take our seats and I find out that my dad and the only other remaining guy are going to split the prize. Everyone applauds. I am still confused about how you can split a trip to France. But before that can be answered, I wake up.