I spent a long time last night laying on the balcony outside the second floor of Rudder tower, staring at the stars with K. All we did was lay there and talk, it was wonderful.

I've been thinking about writing an E2 plugin for the mozilla sidebar search box, something like the E2 netscape search button. It's all done in XML, so it should be fully cross-platform and fully buzzword compliant =)
Anyone who has a bright idea about how to do it, pop me an ICQ message (I'm in the everything ICQ repository). It may be a while before this is done, the search box is severely broken in the last few daily builds, and I don't want to downgrade to M17.

Questions for today:
- Why are girls so much fun to be around?
- When will the mozilla crew fix the search box?
- Speaking of bug fixes, when are we getting that new release of Window Maker?
- What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Things I've been meaning to node: creepy places on campus - there are a few spots around here that just scare the piss out of me at night, and I'm not sure why.