"Shut the fuck up about your little daily problems"...this comment at the end of a writeup steamed me...It comes across as condescending, uncaring, cold , the equivalent of flipping the bird..... it got my goat. It's the antithesis of what I believe. It pissed me off!!!!

Good! It's better than to have no feelings or reaction at all.

How can you compare your troubles to someone else's? This rating of woes bugs me no end. So and so has it tougher than you so quit your whining. I take it then that YOU can complain because So and so is worse off but no one else can? You can share those troubles because relatively speaking they are more important than anyone else's? This is what is pissing me off. The idea that only people with Job-like troubles can share their experiences. Was that supposed to make me feel better because I don't have it so tough? Well, I don't! I feel bad for the person who is dealing with this dark spot on life. I feel worse for the person who shared this tragedy and can't find it in his heart to acknowledge that everyone has bleak spots in their lives that need to be dealt with. I find that sad.

It has to do with compassion. That could be my problem with this phrase. It showed no compassion what so ever. I feel everyone's little daily problems have value. Each person's trials are important to that person. It's not just the good things that mold a person. The problems and how they are dealt with, shape a person's character as well. You can either develop a chip on your shoulder and spout off major attitude or shift the weight of the baggage and move on.

I realize that a point was trying to be made. I just haven't been able to get past "shut the fuck up about your little daily problems" yet. Once I cool down, I'll be able to go back and see just what the point in all that was. Maybe I'll find some compassion for the one that showed none with that caustic phrase.

Kudos for pissing me off. It takes a lot to incite me to react.