This very topic was tackled in a short story by Paul Brians, "The Day They Tested the Rec Room," published in the Summer 1981 issue of CoEvolution Quarterly (later Whole Earth Review).

Forgive me the details, I read this years & years ago.
The story is set some time in the future when humans have been occupying a space station for longer and longer periods of time. Of course, since crews are mixed, including married couples, the question of sexual intercourse in zero gravity arises (so to speak). A room is designed and built on the space station (the "rec room" of the title). A heterosexual couple is selected to test it out, observed by a woman who monitors all sorts of equipment measuring physiological responses et cetera.

Warning: spoilers. Sorry.
To put it bluntly, heterosexual coupling is a disaster. Everyone had expected the orgasms would be fantastic in a zero gravity environment. The whole experience turned out to be painful and awkward (kind of like everyone's first time) for both parties, but particularly for the man. He ends up getting knocked unconscious, somehow.

When he comes to, hours have passed. He looks through the observation window to see the two women, slowly, langourously, making love to their mutual satisfaction (and his ego deflation).

The upshot is, the space station is thereafter staffed by entirely female crews, since only women could enjoy the rec room, and were therefore able to remain on the station for extended lengths of time.

Brians is currently a professor of English at Washington State University. He holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.