The very concept of "zero gravity" is flawed. Even in deep space, the gravitational pull of every object on every other object in the universe still exists. Basically a comic book
notion with no basis in reality.

For anyone who lives in the Chicagoland area, Zero Gravity is a dance club. But not just any dance club. This dance club is the place where most high school kids have a desire to experience once they turn 16. Yes, my friends, this is a "young'n" wanna-be bar. No one over 21 is allowed, no alcoholic drinks, and all patrons under 17 must HIT THE ROAD at 11 pm. Yes, that's right. If you don't have the very cool "I look so much cooler because this denotes that I am allowed to stay late !" Bracelet, then you must leave.

I remember way back in the day, when I was just a sophomore in high school (who am I kidding... that was only four years ago!!!) and we yearned to turn 16, so we could drive ourselves to this very cool dance club, free from the leash of our parents, allowed to be the free juveniles that we were.

And then, the fad wore out, Zero Gravity was no longer seen as this awesome place, and we discovered partying in people's basements with a case of our favorite beer. Either that, or Zero Gravity would only look attractive when under the influence. We no longer thought that Zero Gravity was cool.

However, Zero Gravity is an age thing. Upon hearing my little cousin who is 15 go on and on about Zero Gravity, and how she "can't wait to be able to go," I realized that Zero Gravity is still cool to all of those teenagers who haven't yet experienced anything better. Something giving them a chance away from their parents, something giving them freedom and fun; something equivalent to the reality of an actual bar or dance club. They are innocent and haven't seen all there is.

And you know, the more I think about it, the more atttractive it sounds to be in a dance place where drunks aren't stumbling into you, and trying their best to grope you from every angle. But, I guess I will just chalk that up to the joys of being a kid.

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