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CeramicPig is not my real name. It's kinda too bad, I know.

My real name is uncommon and often associated with leprechauns (I bet you can guess it now) and though I don't have a hint of Irish blood in me, I'm sure I could convince most people (when I first meet them) that I do. What does this prove? Aha, nothing.

I'm originally from a small, reddish sandbar plunked into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. That's in Canada. I've been displaced recently due to the machinations of higher education. I've relocated to the southern bit of the rocky province of Nova Scotia.

I like to write, draw, and program. I also like to read, play video games, take in movies and cartoons, and act. I have high aspirations, but I'm forever crushed under weighty pessimism about the future.

I spent a long spell away from Everything2. Before that, I wrote a handful of high-scoring nodes. What was I doing during that time? might hold some answers there, but I doubt it.

There's plenty of more interesting things to read on Everything2. Now scat.