8:55 AM EST - The call of the morning

I must avoid Burger King more often.

Don't misunderstand me; The honorable Burger King serves up some mighty fine breakfast material. You can't go wrong with a couple Crossanwhiches to start the day. (Crossanwich is not hardlinked because I'm not sure where they stick the damn apostrophe) But I can tell you this: It costs far less to maintain the family toaster than travel to Burger King when it comes to breakfast.

Now it's off to economics. I'm feeling better than recent, and now I'm loaded with peanut butter covered toast. I'm ready to go. There go the cuckoo clocks... Let's get on the road. ("Let's", in this case, meaning me)

5:47 PM EST - How not to handle math modelling

Well, this is ducky. Or goosey. Yeah, that's the word I'm looking for. Geese are more violent, evil creatures than ducks.

I just realized that, concerning my math modelling class (Which I've been mistaking as Calc all this time), I should be doing THAT homework, despite the fact it's never turned in, rather than homework that SHOULD be turned in. Funny how that works, huh? The stuff that the respective professors CARE about is less important than the stuff that's only RECOMMENDED. I'll have to work on math modelling more and catch the hell up...