What's been happening with C-Dawg lately?

September 20, 2003, a Saturday.

I got up bright and early, left my car at the office, and walked down to Leadbetter Beach, where I met up with Jennifer and her sister at the starting point of the 2003 Barbara Ireland Walk for the Cure. We stood around for a while, and finally the organizers got the activities started. There were a few speeches, by the organizer of the walk, by Kathy Ireland, a few others. They gave a nod to Erik Estrada, standing in the crowd, but didn't mention if he's a big contributor or what. One of the speakers was the chairwoman of the foundation that was benefiting from the walk, who gave the obligatory thanks to all the participants, and spoke about how breast cancer was going to be annihilated any day now. Then she made a remark that really chapped my hide.

Of course, a charity like this needs legislative support.
Yes, of course; it would be impossible for people to work together for a good cause without the benevolent hand of government to guide them. Our California Assemblywoman, Hannah-Beth Jackson, then ascended the podium and gave a short speech, not mentioning any particular efforts she's undertaken in Sacramento on the foundation's behalf, but she did brag about the bill currently pending that would outlaw the sale of soft drinks and snack foods in public schools. The crowd became practically apoplectic with applause. God forbid the parents of our children should take responsibility for their upbringing. Okay, so I'm old fashioned.

Fortunately, I had an eleven mile walk ahead of me with two charming young ladies to put it out of my mind. Eleven miles was actually two miles short of the endpoint, but that was when our route passed East Beach, so I took my leave to play volleyball with Edward.

September 24, 2003, a Wednesday

Finally, after three months and more money than I would have thought, I'm finally able to begin serving my employer and the people of California as a Notary Public. Each of the next two days, NetLojix needs one oath administered. That's twenty dollars saved for the company. If that continues, we'll recoup our investment in about a month.

September 28, 2003, a Sunday

I resigned my Everything2 editorship today, after serving for about 6 months. There was a minor event that triggered this, which added to a few other things that I'd been unhappy about. But I'm not sure I was very good as an editor, anyway. To a degree, I was uncomfortable speaking with the rubric of authority. The more important aspects of editing on E2, such as giving advice to noders both on their writeups and how the site works, I will continue to do of course; I just won't have a $ advertising me in the Other Users nodelet.

Also today, I finally saw the movie Magnolia, which has been sitting in my living room for —wow!— almost a year. Weird, fun, worth watching. I don't think there is any problem in reading the reviews in that node before sitting down in front of the TV.

September 29, 2003, a Monday

Edward agreed today to accompany me on a vacation to New Zealand. What could be better than that? Then this evening, as I feared, my boss said that he couldn't allow us both to take extended time off of work at the same time. Boo hoo. What am I going to do about that?