It's my turn to submit the obligatory birthday daylog. As of now, I've been roaming the Earth for 41 years.

I got a nice birthday present at work today: Edward moved into my office!

The official festivities began after work, when Nolan came by to see what we were going to do. I had given him even odds of totally forgetting about it, after agreeing a week ago that we could hang out when this day came around. We took a walk to a nearby pool hall, where after a few games (playing by his rules, where a scratch does not carry with it the penalty of replacing a ball on the table in addition to loss of turn), his girlfriend joined us. A few more games, during which she sent Nolan off on an errand because she couldn't abide my not having any cake today -- he came back with a package of Hostess cupcakes :) -- and we then decided to go get a bite to eat. I had to return to the office to retrieve my id, because the extremely vigilant doorman at Sharkeez doesn't accept a head 10% covered with gray hair as proof of majority.

After a time at Sharkeez, Nolan got paged because a webserver at work was down, so we returned to the office. While there, Nolan's bustier half scrounged up some candles, and put four of them (in the shape of the digit 4) on one cupcake and one on the other; then she bade me make a wish and blow them out. She squealed "Oooh, your wish will come true!" -- quite unlikely, actually, but I'm holding out hope for my second wish.

After reducing the timeout value of the Apache server, we then adjourned to the parking lot and exercised Nolan's new (and old) skateboards for a time. Then we went our separate ways, with me being too chicken to ask Nolan for a hug.

At 9 o'clock, I found myself on my way to WolfDaddy's house, and most of the way there on the freeway was behind Nolan's car.

Golly, their shopping didn't last long. ... Hey, they didn't take their exit ... Could he be...? Nah, don't get your hopes up.
But, yes!, arriving at WolfDaddy's I found them there already, and we all hung out for another couple of hours.

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