Shine on you crazy diamond
After 3+ month away from active noding this daylog is my first sign of life from my new life.

In fact, nobody set up us the bomb, i just changed my whole life into a way i hope that fits better to the person i am, or at least the person i want myself to be.

I left:
-My heavily underpaid job as a Zope coder
-My SO for she was cheating on me
All in all i stopped being a jerk living only for computers and the net.

Instead, right now:
-I live in Würzburg, Bavaria
-I am a student of political science, philosophy and german language
-I have no SO (so far ;))
-I enjoy having computers as a hobby and being a professional thinker
-All in all i feel much better here.

Of course, not everything is perfect here, too. I have to pay my online time per minute, which sucks (at least for the next two weeks, i hope i'll get my DSL line before christmas). I had some quarrels with the US military stationed here, as some of the GIs, especially when drunk, behave like they are kinda overlords here in germany and can do whatever they feel like - i dont like this attitude, really. One of them wanted to beat me up for going out with his Ex-girlfriend. Are these guys too dumb to understand that a) after they left a girl, they have no rights on this girl anymore and b) men and women can be just friends. So, were together in a discotheque, it must be a date. ARGL.
Anyway, i like it here... i spent the whole sunday chatting with a girl from class, which is kinda ridiculous cause i can literally see her house when i look outside the window, but nevertheless it was great fun.

Oh, well, its fucking cold outside: -15° Celsius.

NODEVERTISING: I updated my Home Node to fit all the stuff above!