Brain slurping interrupted our conversation last night. I was watching Starship Troopers with my French flatmate and a guest.

What is it about French aminosity towards the United States of America? They persist in ascribing the worst motive to every American undertaking. This harmless action movie became an allegory about American militarism, a savage critque of a neo-fascist, imperialist culture cloaked by the institutions of democracy. The starship troopers looked suspiciously like Wehrmacht storm troopers but with American accents. There were SS men, eagle insignias and Aryan square jaws. Everywhere my French friend looked, the evidence was there.

This is my French flatmate who wears American jeans, listens to American music and watches 'Friends'. However our guest, also French, was uninterested in such conspiracy theories. His analysis of the bugs in the movie

There are big, but very stupid