Proof to me that people will do anything for money.

I watched the Grammy Awards tonight for one reason: the much hyped Elton John and Eminem performance. Of course it was the last performance of the night, and was prefaced by a speech by Recording Academy President Michael Greene. He spoke of (what else?) controversial lyrics vs. uptight soccer moms, and did a really good job of it. Had I taped the show I could transcribe the speech here, but really, who gives a fuck about the Grammys?

But back to the topic at hand. We have Eminem rapping while twitching his hand at an incredible rate like some kind of epileptic seizure is going on at the end of his arm (simulating a cross fader). Soon comes the chorus and Sir Elton John with it, dressed as if to remind me the reason why this whole thing is controversial in the first place. I’m probably on thin ice now, but if I were gay I’d be kinda pissed at Elton for the whole polka dot montage. But back to the topic at hand.

The performance was pretty cool. Nothing too spectacular, Eminem managed to say shit three times on national television along with a few asses and bitches for good measure (this one goes out to all the soccer moms). During the hug at the end of the performance, Eminem managed not to look too unhappy to be there, but then again I couldn’t really see because the camera angle was wrong. The camera somehow just happened to crop out Eminem’s infamous double bird salute also.

This whole thing was not Eminem’s idea. Nor Elton John’s, but he had said he what a big Eminem fan he was. I remember reading somewhere that it was the idea of some execs somewhere. Which leads me to think Eminem was paid a lot to do this. I think it bothered him, but wasn’t a big deal. I’d like to know the whole story, but probably never will.

People were looking for something symbolic. I didn’t see it.

Another funny thing from that evening:

"Who the fuck is Steely Dan?"
EMINEM, on his The Slim Shady LP losing out to Steely Dan's Two Against Nature for album of the year.

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