Book by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman about The Doors and specifically mostly about Jim Morrison. Perhaps a little sensationalistic but fascinating.

I've made it half way through this book...twice. Normally I have no problem reading books. Any books. I've read Atlas Shrugged cover to cover twice. As a younger school child I read through my picture Bible book at least three times. As a teenager I made it through the bible, cover to cover (admittedly I skimmed through Kings I and II and a fair amount of the other historical/genealogical pages of the old testament) twice.

The first time I saw the Morrison poster which reads "An American Poet" I admittedly scoffed a bit. I feel he was a good lyricist, an incredible entertainer, and one hell of an artist, but a poet? While the books I've read and the excerpts I've run in to have tried to hail him as a poet I strongly disagree. William Carlos Williams was a poet. Whitman was a poet. Cummings was a poet. Dickinson, as in Miss Emily, was a poet. I find it difficult to put Morrison in this same category. I believe he was one hell of a writer. Even more so I agree he was one hell of an artist. But that doesn't make him a poet.

Holy Shit, I went off on a tangent. My apologies.

The aforementioned book is an interesting one. At least the half I read was. However, I feel it could have been more accurate if it were to let go some of the glorification of Morrison, and focus more on his true talent, ie. entertainment.

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