For some time, I've had the ability to fly unaided in my dreams, but interestingly, my dream-flying skills have progressed at a consistent rate, as if I was actually learning a new skill (being a logically minded person, this makes a lot of sense). This has now progressed into a new dream-skill - shapeshifting. Of course, I'm not very good at it.

In my dream, I was in a city, near a fountain that opened out into the sea. Several people, including me, noticed something out on the ocean. It was an animal - a Lapras (a Pokémon that resembles a blue Loch Ness monster)! It swam into the fountain, and I jumped in with it to attempt to communicate with it. I tried to shapeshift into a merman, but I only managed to morph my feet, and they didn't even join together (don't worry, I kept my pants on). That was my first mistake. My second mistake was making up Lapras noises (in the actual TV show, Lapras/Laprasses communicate in three ways: telepathy (which not all Lapras/Laprasses can use), classic Pokémon name-based speech, and something resembling whalesong, which I tried to speak). I then swam over to a man with a record player that was playing a record of Lapras noises and translations. Using what I had just learned, I tried to calm the Lapras in its own language, but I made too many minor mistakes (mistake number three) and it swam off. Oh well, live and learn.