She is sitting on a huge chair opposite me. She is talking to someone behind me, but I am unable to turn and see who it is. The tone of her voice is friendly, welcoming even. Her eyes stare straight through me as if I were not even there; her attention is given only to the nameless shadow behind me.

I can hear the figure behind me speak. The voice is mine, but it is not coming from my mouth. I am trapped between her and someone who appears to be me.

They are actively flirting with each other and it is becoming gradually more and more sexual in nature. I call for her to stop. Can’t she see me sitting right here in front of her? I threaten this ‘other me’ with physical violence if he doesn’t leave, but he laughs and continues. He can hear me, but she cannot.

(I am aware of the possibility that this dream means that she is attracted to the qualities in me that I seek to suppress, or perhaps I am to distant and unwilling to open up to her as clichéd as that may sound.)

The dream had no defined end, it merely drifted off into the dark.

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