I woke up this morning staring at my subconscious mind.
Somebody else must have opened up a can of worms;
I watched them crawling across the floor slimy like baby newborns.

Nevermind, I knew what to do, Iā€™d jump up and down. Oh!
To feel the flesh gush and squeeze between my toes.

"Why is it so cold in here?"
"It snows, even in summer, here, in April, snow is no surprise"
"But I was outside, just yesterday. It was warm. It was nice..."

His whispery white beard wiggled as he whispered 'nevermind' to me and told me

ā€œEverything you know loses meaning: that is the absurdity of time. Why should you now look so startled?ā€


"What the hell was that?!?" slamming the alarm's off button

I rubbed my eyes rolling out of bed.

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