Today was an excellent day in my practical joke history. It all started with a pair of speakers hidden behind a bookshelf and attached to a linux box here at work.

Before you can appreciate the joke, you must understand its mark. His name is Dan and he hates it when we play music. One day, I guy asked Dan if he could hear the music he was playing although he was actually not playing any. Dan, in his efforts to keep music at bay in the office replied that he could in spite of the fact there was not music at all.

That was almost a year ago and now the time for revenge has arrived! I hide the speakers were Dan couldn't see, but in close proximity to his desk. I was able to control the mp3 player via a telnet session to the linux box.

It was time to play "Jammin'" by Bob Marley. Dan hates reggae. Subtlely at first, and Dan can't identify the source. He asks other employees if they can hear the music (they're all in on it of course), but everyone claims they hear nothing. Some even reference the past experience were he said he heard music which wasn't being played. I stop the music for a bit, then come back with it at a slightly higher volume. This time, "I shot the Sherrif." Dan goes bonkers! He can't figure out where it's coming from as we all erupt into laughter. Dan is had.

The best part, however, it yet to come. Dan has to come in alone to install a new switch. None of us will be around. I setup a cron job to start playing MP3s when he arrives and gradually increase the volume until it's at it's max around an hour later. The best part, it's Bob Marley.