I would really like to know just why this substance is illegal. For starters, it can be used for medicinal purposes, that alone is reason enough to legalise it as a medical implement, but the problem I am further addressing is cigarettes, tobacco and nicotine.

Nicotine is highly addictive, and physically addictive. Marijuana, and more specifically THC, is an addictive drug, although only mentally. Above that tobacco smoke causes serious health problems, such as cancer, "smoker's cough", stained teeth, chronic halitosis, filling of the lungs with tar etc. Marijuana also causes health problems, such as dementia etc., which seem like much greater problems. I concede; they are, but they only occur after prolonged and constant use.

The fatality rates of smoking are also far greater than that of marijuana. Smoking stunts growth and lowers the average age of death. Marijuana can also do this, but once again only with chronic use. The biggest trump card, in my opinion, is that one with a strong constitution does not need to become addicted to marijuana. I smoke marijuana on occasion, but I can go for days, weeks or months without touching the stuff. A smoker must smoke a cigarette, at least once a day, more commonly once an hour.

Tobacco smoking is a serious health risk, and it is a serious problem. It is a plague, not Marijuana smoking. If Tobacco is a legal drug, then it is a rather serious hypocrisy to illegalise marijuana smoking.

There, I've said, my two bits on marijuana.