Characters in Dinosaur Land
information from the SNES Super Mario World instruction booklet

The same old Koopas are back again. Everything seems bleak when these characters appear! If you jump on a Koopa in this game, it pops out of its shell. And what's worse is that an unshelled Koopa will eventually find its empty shell and climb back in to start all over again. BEWARE! If a Koopa climbs into a yellow shell, he'll become invincible!

Super Koopa
A Koopa that can fly once it has put on the magic cape. It looks like this guy might give Caped Mario some tough aerial combat. But look at the bright side ... if you jump on one that's wearing a flashing cape, you'll get a Cape Feather.

Jumpin' Piranha Plant
These are a tropical plant version of the Volcano Plant! Be careful; they come madly whirling out of the pipes and can be very tough.

Jump on it to make it roll. You can also hold it or throw it.

Monty Mole
This is a mole that bursts out of the ground. There's even bigger ones underground.

Boo Buddies and The Big Boo
You may remember the Boo Buddies from Super Mario Bros. 3. This time there's a whole horde of them! And amongst them there's a huge spook call The Big Boo. But don't worry, if you look at them, they act shy and turn away. Cute, aren't they? But watch it ... they're dangerous!

This is a dinosaur spook that roams the haunted house. It comes after you with its pale face and ohhhh, what a ghastly spook it is!

Rip Van Fish
This little fellow is always taking a nap, but when Mario comes along, he wakes up, and sets off in hot pursuit. Whatever you do, don't let Rip touch Mario.

This is a giant urchin drifting in the sea. It doesn't move very fast, so if you swim by carefully, there should be no problem. However, it's probably really painful if you get stung.

Don't worry, these guys aren't enemies; they help Mario cross water. A useful shoal of dolphin look alikes!

As one would expect, you could only meet this kind of enemy in dinosaur land, and there are lots of them too. You have to stomp on a Rex twice to defeat him. Rex has wings, but I don't think he can fly.

Mini-Rhino and Dino Rhino
These are dragons from Chocolate Island. Jump on Dino-Rhino and it becomes Mini-Rhino. Watch out, they breath fire.

These explode and scatter stars after a set time. Some of the Bob-ombs use parachutes to drop from the sky. These little guys are a real blast.

A nasty stone ghost that guards the castles and fortresses for the Koopas. If Mario comes close, Thwomp will try to crush him. The trouble is, if you don't pass it, you can't go on.

A caterpillar that lives in the forest. Normally Wiggler is very quiet, but once jumped on, Wiggler turns red and gets extremely angry. If possible, treat Wiggler with respect.

This is one of the tortoise sorcerers. The strange flashes of light that shoot from the wand are able to change blocks into enemies. On top of this, Magikoopa can appear and disappear in an instant. A touch customer to deal with!

Sumo Brother
When this strange little fellow stamps its foot, lightning strikes, and turns whatever it hits into a sea of flames. BEWARE! Sumo Brother will even attack you with a karate chop!

Chargin' Chuck
These All-Stars always seem to bar Mario's way just when he's within sight of the goal. They use a variety of bull-headed attacks, so you'll have a tough time checking Chargin' Chuck.


Iggy Koopa
Boss of Yoshi's Island

Morton Koopa Jr.
Boss of Donut Plains

Lemmy Koopa
Boss of Vanilla Dome

Ludwig Von Koopa
Boss of Cookie Mountain

Roy Koopa
Boss of Forest of Illusion

Wendy O. Koopa
Boss of Chocolate Island

Larry Koopa
Boss of Valley of Bowser