type of gas heater. also a gas company. both came about thanks to george reznor, an ancestor of the squishy nine inch nails frontman trent reznor.

The Reznor company brochure:
"Reznor was founded in 1888 to manufacture the 'Reznor' reflective heater, which utilized a luminous flame gas burner developed by George Reznor. This technological breakthrough was an immediate success and hastened the expansion of gas heating in residential and commercial applications. Technological development and innovation have been the hallmark of Reznor through the years."

The Reznor family sold the business sometime around World War II, but you can still find this type of heater in schools, prisons, restaurants, small stores, garages, barns, nightclubs and bars. I'm told you can also spot one in the movie The Rock, where it squishes one of the characters.

(info brought to you by the official unofficial ninfaq version 7.0, written by david a. parmenter and released 10-09-97)

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