Star Road is the secret (not hard to find, but you did have to beat a level the "secret" way to get to it) in Super Mario World (SNES) that allows you to skip most of the game and go directly to the final boss. Although that feature of it isn't good, it allows you to travel throughout the world much faster. Besides allowing you to travel across the world quickly, Star Road has a secret of its own. If you beat all of the levels in Star Road, you go to a special world that has strange levels with strange names. These levels have lots of strange things in them, and they have names such as Narly, Radical, and Tubular. When you beat all of those levels, you get to a level where you can change the appearance of many of the bad guys in the game. This makes most of the enemies in the game look very strange, and can be turned on and off by visiting the place where you activate it.

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