The Koopa Troop's sorcerer in the Super Mario Brothers universe. Kamek, the lead Magikoopa, has been around since before Mario and Luigi were born and fortold the greatness of Bowser.

In Super Mario World he appeared and disappeared around levels and shot magic spells at Mario. If the spells hit a block, the block would turn into a coin or an enemy. A good stomp would defeat him.

In Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Magikoopa was the one who saw that one day Mario and Luigi would cause great disaster for the Koopa Troop and tried to kidnap the brothers when they were mere babies. Fortunately the Yoshis came to the rescue and set off to rescue the brothers. Magikoopa appeared at the end of boss levels and used his magic to make ordinary baddies super huge. He sometimes appeared in other levels and attempted to dive-bomb Yoshi. In the end he's flattened by Baby Bowser.

In Super Mario RPG Magikoopa was one of the bosses. He was turned evil by Smithy and even attacked his former master. After his defeat he turned back to normal and gave Mario and friends all the coins they wanted.

The Koopa sorcerer almost made it into Mario Kart 64 as a playable driver, but he was bumped before the game was completed. Will Magikoopa return? Only time will tell.

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