An intriguing concept in MMORPG's, whereby the obesity and largesse of other games such as Asheron's Call, EverQuest, Ultima Online and Dark Ages of Camelot is trimmed to the bare essential.

No interaction whatsoever.

You simply let the game run on its own and do everything for you. All you do is choose is the name, race, and class of your character, and then roll for your statistics.

Once you begin, you are sent out into the Killing Fields, where you execute countless diabolical monsters. When your backpack is full of phat lewt, you return to town where you proceed to haggle with the merchant about the purchase price for a +3 Pronged Bandyclef.

You are also sent out on innumerable quests to seek out strange and mysterious items such as the Filigreed Scabbard, the Proverbial Talisman and the Cruciate Arrow. Did I mention you get very powerful spells too?

The wonder that is ProgressQuest is available at Wow... And as was pointed out by TallRoo, you never die!!! No corpse runs ever again!!!