IdleRPG is one of the silliest things I've ever come across. Which, of course, makes it a lot of fun.

IdleRPG is an RPG - a Role Playing Game - that runs on many IRC networks. To explain it, here's a quote from one of the web pages on it..

The Idle RPG is just what it sounds like: an RPG in which the players idle. In addition to merely gaining levels, players can find items and battle other players. However, this is all done for you; you just idle. There are no set classes; you can name your character anything you like, and have its class be anything you like, as well.

So to play the game... you just join the channel... and idle. Any activity that would appear in the channel (talking, changing nicks, parting the channel, leaving IRC) results in time penalties.

There's battles, items you can find, and all the usual RPG stuff. Here's a short log of a channel.

idlerpg> Olathe was taught to quicken his pace by a secret tribe of pygmies that know how to run fast. This wondrous godsend has accelerated them 0 days, 00:44:01 towards level 31.
idlerpg> Olathe reaches next level in 0 days, 11:29:39.
idlerpg> SeaGates, the Betas, has attained level 26! Next level in 0 days, 07:54:08.
idlerpg> SeaGates (99/193) has challenged zonar (202/273) in combat and lost! 0 days, 00:33:11 is added to SeaGates's clock.
idlerpg> ^Disturbed, the your no.1 god, has attained level 21! Next level in 0 days, 03:45:44.
idlerpg> ^Disturbed (12/163) has challenged SeaGates (21/193) in combat and lost! 0 days, 00:15:48 is added to ^Disturbed's clock.

There's no winner and as far as I've seen the game last as long as you want it to. So if you want to have a play, come over to #idlerpg on DALnet. Or come to #idlechat to talk about it. The webpage for the DALnet game is

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