Well, today was a very fun day for me.
I got up and went to work, where I cater for parties. It was supposed to be a 400 person party, but only 15 people showed up, so there was nothing for the catering crew to do for four hours. We set up, we cleaned up, and nothing in between. There was TONS of leftover food, and we thought that we would get some of it, but unfortunately the person who threw the party decided to keep it all. There were some really good brownies and cheesecakes, too :(

After work I made a surprise stop by my girlfriend's house and decided to bring her over. She recently acquired a new "sister" (an exchange student from France), so she came along as well. We had a lot of fun and raced eachother in a videogame, we also went out on a boat, but no one would go swimming. Tomorrow they, as well as some other friends, will be coming over again. I talked to a guy who works at the EMP who said it was $20 for admission, but $75 for a year pass for a family. I'll try and get my family a pass so that we can all go for cheap. It's basically set up to give the deal to locals and screw the tourists. Not bad for me, since I'm a local. Oh, also, I got screwed 10 bucks because nobody told me I could be validated for parking in a special lot. That sucked, but it was a great day overall.