Most people have some sort of compulsion. Some people however, are bordering on mania.

A compulsion might be something that you feel forced to do, or which makes you anxious if you don't.

  • Placing objects in an exact order.
  • Making sure all the books in the bookcase are aligned correctly.
  • Sorting all your CDs/LPs often*
  • Defragmenting your HD often*

    * More than twice a week.

    People suffering from extreme cases of compulsive behavior might respond violently if they can not act on their compulsion.

    I suffer from a mild cpmpulsion myself; if my CDs aren't stacked correctly I feel forecd to correct it, or if my CDs isn't inside their cover I put them there promtly. This is an example of a normal everyday compulsion, and does only apply to my CDs.