Most people have some sort of compulsion. Some people however, are bordering on mania.

A compulsion might be something that you feel forced to do, or which makes you anxious if you don't.

  • Placing objects in an exact order.
  • Making sure all the books in the bookcase are aligned correctly.
  • Sorting all your CDs/LPs often*
  • Defragmenting your HD often*

    * More than twice a week.

    People suffering from extreme cases of compulsive behavior might respond violently if they can not act on their compulsion.

    I suffer from a mild cpmpulsion myself; if my CDs aren't stacked correctly I feel forecd to correct it, or if my CDs isn't inside their cover I put them there promtly. This is an example of a normal everyday compulsion, and does only apply to my CDs.
  • Another example of compulsive-ness, ties very strongly to the Obsessive half of the affliction Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the kind that I personally experience, as explained to me by my Therapist. Rather than recommending I just excercise more self-discipline, he prescribed me to an Anti-Psychotic called Rispiridone as opposed to the whollistic cures I rooted for when I first began therapy. Now He has been told and remind again and again of my experiments and abuse of drugs and still he gave me this anti-psychotic. I was skeptical to say the very least. After cleaning up my act, I assumed a very anti-drugs attitude, especially when it came to medicinal treatments for mental afflictions.

    If you suffer from OCD, or from borderline schizophrenia you will experience these Compulsive Thoughts. The magnitude of my thoughts were pretty bad.

    For example, I developed a fixation on this guy, since everyone thought he was gay to begin with, I thought I was good to go. On finding I was wrong, I began to fixate on him. What I wanted to do to him before I discovered he was Straight was wholle-ly different, than what I wanted to do to him after I found out. This is no joke, guys. I literally intended this boy physical harm.

    Something people today really need to try and be more sympathetic about is Mental Compulsion. Just because a person has bad thoughts, does not make them a bad person. It is not an easy battle, when it comes to trying to overpower or ignore those often inane, compulsive thoughts. In my instance, after I started the medication, those thoughts really started to die out. So if you experience compulsive thoughts. Those thoughts, that are so negativethat you feel guilty after having had them, please, do yourself a favor and go see your doctor.

    Compulsions are unusual and often very unique from person to person. Just know that when they begin to get out of hand, there are cure's out there for you if you find yourself in the position. And please people, do your research, know the signs of mental compulsion getting out of hand, and take action before you harm yourself, or someone else!

    Com*pul"sive (?), a.

    Having power to compel; exercising or applying compulsion.

    Religion is . . . inconsistent with all compulsive motives. Sharp.


    © Webster 1913.

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