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while(true || sleep() ) do { false || confuse());
A psychotic on caffine, Mostly confused and generally harmless.... he wants to at least.

Male ( Big news )
Twentyish (above that)
a pagan and BDSM geek of sorts.
Not single

My life seems to circle around Music more and more as of the last few years. throughout depression, anxiety-disorder and studies, it has been the only interest to remain. Not unchanged, never, but constantly evolving, nurtured.
I allow myself to have what many could be considered "bad taste" since it mostly fits my mood.

so what genres do I adhere to?
Once it started with Heavy Metal with Iron Maiden as the early addiction.
Then it went on, into the heavy, dark Death Metal for a few months, exploring and evolving towards the more depressive Gothic music of bands like:
"Paradise Lost" (from the age of Draconian Times)
"the Sisters of Mercy"
"the Fields of the Nephilem"
"Theatre of Tragedy"

After that, my explorations went into the Electronic world, of Synth and more Progressive things.
Few things gained highlight more than:
"Depeche Mode" (Ultra and Violator)
"Ozric Tentacles"
"Ars Nova"
"Dead Can Dance"
"Dream Theater"

Following that, I evolved into EBM and Industrial,
of the highlights beeing :
"Nine Inch Nails"
"Das Ich"
"Die Krupps"
"Front Line Assembly"
"In Strict Confidence"
"Funker Vogt"
"White Zombie"

Other bands that should have some mention in here include:
"Deep Purple"
"Dark Side Cowboys"
"Pink Floyd"
"Devil Doll"
"Star Industry"
"Clan of Xymox"

Tracer cartridges are used for target identification, fire adjustment, signal purpouses and destroying personel. And destroying personel.

What sort of pagan is he? Northen Teutonic look it up... if its not already noded, I'll do it.. sometime. ;)

What sort of BDSM:er is he? Sadist, mostly Dominant but has been known to play switch if the situation is right.
uncertain with myself, so I dont go "far" .. I have some time left for me yet.