A name given to music of the 14th century by Phillippe de Vitry. It literally means "new art" or "new technique".

A Japanese Prog trio, heavily influenced by ELP. Following a similar lineup of keyboards, bass and drums, they go for a somewhat darker feel than ELP, or perhaps focus on songs that are similar to ELP's darker tunes. Their album titles such as Transi, The Goddess of Darkness and The Book of the Dead illustrate thier dark tone. Ars Nova is reminicent of the Rock in Opposition movement of the late '70s and early '80s but arrived on the scene too late to be considered part of that style.

They're also notable as an all-female group, which is somewhat unusual for Japan, but almost unheard of in Progressive music.

I saw this band perform at the Progday festival in Chapel Hill, NC, and it was pretty incredible. The visual/aural contradiction of the three petite Japanese girls up on stage (the drummer smiling away as she played wearing a pink kimono) producing walls of agressive sound is something I will never forget.

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