• Alex M√łklebust - Vokal
  • Noralf Ronthi - Drumms
  • Chris Schleyer - Guitar
  • Kim Ljung - Bass
  • Erik Ljunggren - Programing

    Music genre:
    Mix between Seigmen, Nine Inch Nails and Deftones. Which of course means they are totaly unique, like all the above mentioned bands.

    The first thing you should know is this; four of the five members of Zeromancer (Kim, Erik, Alex and Noralf} played in the Norwegian band Seigmen. You can read more about Seigmen over at my Seigmen node. After Seigmen played their last gig at the Rockefeller in Oslo on March 6, 1999, Kim and Erik travled to Portland, Oregon. They stayed there for about month, then they travled to Los Angeles where Alex and Noralf had just arrived from Norway.

    They wanted to work with producer Sylvia Massy first, but she bailed out and instead recommended James Saez. James had engineered for Duran Duran and played the guitar with Porn for Pyros. He became their new guitar player. And in June 1999 they recorded their first three songs; "Something for the Pain", "Clone Your Lover" and "God Bless the Models".

  • Clone your lover - 2000
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