• Alex Myklebust - Vocals and piano
  • Sverre Økshoff - Guitar
  • Noralf Ronthi - Drums, chamberlin, piano and bass
  • Marius Roth - Guitar, mandolin, chamberlin and vocals
  • Kim Ljung - Bass, guitar and vocals

    Music genre:
    Their style change from album to album, but I would say it's a kind of Gothic, heavy metal, Rock & Roll thingy.

    Seigmen is a Norwegian band which was first formed in 1989. Their first apperance ever was during a christmas concert in Tønsberg. The bands vocalist, Alex Myklebust, had a cousine who invited him to play. Apparently Seigmen was a bit more aggressive than their audience had suspected, and the concert wasn't really a big success, still later they would grown and become one of those bands which would change Norwegian Rock & Roll history. At this point they called themselves "Klisne seigmenn", it wasn't until later that they would change their name to just Seigmen.

    After selling out every copy of their demo, they decided to release their mini-album Pluto (1992), under their new name: Seigmen. Their next album Amenon, was released two years after Pluto. This time they had better equipment, and the quality of the recording was much improved. After listening to this album the Sony-label 1:70 contacted the band and gave them a contract.

    Soon after they had signed the contract with Sony they went on tour. Unfourtunatly they had an accident on the way, the tourbus cought fire and all of their equipment was lost. But from the ashes of this accident came their next album: Total. Many think this album is the best they have released, and not without reason.

    The sequel Metropolis was release the following year. Commercially it was an even bigger succces than Total, but some of their most die hard fans belive this album was a bit too commercial and still claim Total is the best they have ever released. They translated the lyrics of Metropolis to english and tried to release it outside the borders of Norway, it wasn't a very big success.

    At this point Seigmen decided it was time to break some new borders, as they wasn't really satisfied with the way Metropolis had turned out. And their next, and last, album; Radiowaves, was very different from what they had produced earlier.

    When they released their first album in 1992, Alex had stated that "if one of the band members leave, it's over." So when Sverre Økshoff (guitars) decided to leave they wentout on one last tour. In the spring of 1999 they released "Monument (1989-1999)", which contained all the most important songs from their entire collection of albums.

  • Pluto - 1992
  • Ameneon - 1993
  • Total - 1994
  • Metropolis - 1995
  • Radiowaves - 1997
  • Monument (1989-1999) - 1999

    Funny facts:
  • Seigmen is the name of the Norwegian equivalent of a jelly baby.
  • Alex, and the rest of the Seigmen crew, except of course Sverre, have formed a new band called Zeromancer. All their texts are english, and their music style is alot harder and more industrial. They sound like a mix between Deftones, Nine Inch Nails and Seigmen.
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