Weeknight Sound Track: monday, 1100 - 0000

The things we always thought, yet never had the courage to speak.

Midnight came and went wit little more than a whisper. And now it's the real night. Deep night, when you either decide to get down and get your groove on, or lie down and get your sleep on. Sunday night was a killer, huh? Have to work tomorrow morning I take it. Fine with me, lie back, Take the man's shit and live your crap life. For those thinking about going to sleep, I can't do it just yet. There are a million thoughts about a million things running through my brain, and this will make me drift away. Then I get Jerked back awake at the end, just in time to watch the clock tick 01:00 as my head hits hard to the pillow again.

  1. The Smashing Pumpkins -- We Only Come Out at Night
    We only come out after everyone else has turned to a pumpkin. Snow White no longer has a carriage, and just a few measly mice. But now, the innocence borne by the sunlight has subsided and we are free to roam
  2. Otep -- Tortured
    The creepers, the crawlers, they come in to your room, silently, whisper and rape, you will never be safe again
  3. Mindless Self Indulgence -- Bed of Roses
    The things you think about sitting alone, at home, in your dark room.
  4. Zeromancer -- Wannabe
    And you just wish that everything were different. You covet, you wish you could be anyone else, you wish you cold take any other position.
  5. Avril Lavigne -- Losing Grip
    It's driving you insane, the loneliness, the empty life this home without a view. You are slipping, you are about to fall.
  6. Blindside -- Thought Like Flames
    You will never be what you really want to be, in response, you will will turn away from it all.
  7. Echo and the Bunnymen -- The Killing Moon
    Look out the window, stare at the sky, see where you will never reach, see everything that you can't be. In your mind you begin to blame all of the problems on everyone else. Kill your idols, kill your life.
  8. Timothy Leary -- Zen
  9. Joy Division -- Dead souls
    You're slipping away, falling asleep, beginning bad dreams of empty lives.
  10. Placebo -- Narcoleptic
    Firmly asleep, dreaming sad dreams. A cold bed and a crushed life, sleep is one of your few escapes, and you never want to wake up
  11. Silverchair -- Satin Sheets
    You know that no one cares, apathy begets apathy
  12. Tribes of Neurot -- Small Size
    Crawl outside, sleep in the ground with the insects, hear them crawl and scream, the sounds of the adaptive.
  13. The Crystal Method -- Tough Guy
    It's time to go out and find a fight, then run away from that fight like you do from everything else in your sad, pathetic, small, weak, little life
  14. Apoptygma Berzerk -- Coma White (Marilyn Manson cover)
    You have seen a perfect life, and were chewed up and spit out. A nice way to say that drugs will cure everything
  15. Thursday -- Jet Black New Year
    WAKE UP!!! the world is ending.
This is a lot of self complimentary mental masturbation that should be ignored at all costs and listened to as many times as you wish to hear it.
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