A couple other things that women ought to know about the male orgasm:

  • Yes, men usually come sooner. On the average, anyways. There are steps women can take to try and correct this -- request more foreplay, for starters. Switching positions may be the best solution, though. When a man is on top, he moves in such a way as to maximize his stimulation, but this usually minimizes the woman's. When the woman is on top, everything changes.

  • Men can have more than one orgasm. It's usually not as easy as for women, though, and we're a little jealous of this fact. But if the guy doesn't fall asleep right after his climax (or isn't allowed to), a woman can evantually coax a second orgasm out of him, and possibly several more for herself. The second orgasm is usually an order of magnitude better than the first one, because it's a lot more work to get it. (Women, I'm told, climax a little more easily with each successive orgasm. Men are the opposite.)