This is a slightly revised version of a dream I had:

I was walking home from school one day, tired and sad and not too far from being depressed. The thought of having to attend classes for seven more months was not something to cheer a body up.

I saw a package on the porch of my house. Excited for the first time in forever, I ran to open it. It was covered in brown paper, not unlike a grocery bag from D&W, but without all the extra writing on it. In black, thick marker, my name was scrawled across the top. I tore it open, not able to hold back my curiosity. After removing the brown paper from the outside, I found a smooth white box underneath. It felt heavy and unsteady, as if the things inside were not held down by anything.

The phone rang. I went inside to answer it, and no one was on the other end. So I returned to the package.

The phone rang again. Again, no one was there. I was beginning to get annoyed.

I sat down on the floor next to the package once again, and started to take the tape off the edges. The phone rang. I ignored it. Before I could even get the tiniest piece of tape loose from the box, the doorbell rang. I got up reluctantly to see who was there.

No one.

Now I was starting to get a little scared. What was going on? Did it have to do with the package? Was someone stalking me? I sat back down with the box and got a corner of the tape off.

The doorbell rang again. I ignored it.

I got another corner of tape loose from the box. Someone started to bang on my door. I thought it was probably just someone playing a joke, so I continued to ignore the person. I pulled some more tape off the box. It was almost open now. The pounding on the door was deafening. It was hurting my ears, so I got up to tell whoever was there to knock it off (no pun intended).

I stood up, and the noise stopped abruptly.

"Okay," I thought. "No big deal." I sat back down with the package. I slipped my hand under the lid and started to lift. Something heavy hit me in the head, and I fell unconscious.

I woke up to a world of darkness, and the sound of water dripping far in the distance. I had no sense of time. I was naked. The floor was cold and hard. Where was I? It had to have been something to do with the package. Nothing else made sense. What could have been in there that was so important? And why had it been on my front porch if someone had wanted its contents so badly? And where was the box now? My curiosity kicked in full force. I lifted myself to hands and knees, and carefully felt my way along the floor. I was hoping to find a door, but instead my hand met cold stone. At least I think it was stone. I felt along what I assumed was a wall, and found the corner. I continued my exploration, and found that I was inside a small room, with no doors. There was no way out. What was I going to do?

Hours passed. Well, at least I think they were hours. Perhaps only minutes. Suddenly, the entire room began to shake. I was thrown violently against a hard wall, and then the shaking stopped. It was only a momentary relief. Soon it started again, and I was thrown to the other side of my prison, landing in a heap on the floor after bouncing off the wall. I think my arm was broken; it wouldn’t move, and it hurt quite badly. I waited for another shaking episode to start, but all was quiet.

Then I saw the light. It was coming from the ceiling, a faint white line of sunlight growing slowly wider, as if someone were prying the top of my cell off. I saw a huge thumb grip the wall, and a giant’s face loomed above me where the dark ceiling once had been. I screamed, but was helpless.

I looked closely at the face, and recognized my mother. She was smiling at me, so I waved my arms above my head and yelled for her to help. She only smiled more. I could see an evil glint in her moon-sized eyes as she slowly raised the top of the box she had removed only moments before. I recognized it now; it was the top of the package I had been trying to open. My mother showed her teeth in a snarl, as she quickly shoved the cover of the package back into place.

I was in darkness once again.

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